daniel t. barney



Thanks for visiting my page! Here is a little bit about myself... Professionally, I consider myself to be an educator who inquires in and through a variety of discourses that relate to curriculum theory, complexity, social theories, and contemporary art. I like to think about possibilities and perspectives. Teaching is a highlight in my life because I thoroughly enjoy sharing thoughts and ideas in relation to a variety of beliefs and practices. I think many people think I’m solely a conceptual artist, but I really love objects and old-school aesthetic inquiry. Odd, but true. I love making functional objects. I love the notion of skill and craft. I like to cook, bake, sew clothes, make jewelry, make books, garden, draw and paint. I taught art at the secondary level for over a decade and I began an academic career in 2005 when I began a doctoral program at the University of British Columbia. I miss the Pacific Northwest (I grew up in Oregon), but I have been in Utah long enough now to be able to find the people and places I most enjoy. I currently teach curriculum, issues in contemporary art, technologies and new media for art educators, and various graduate courses on writing in art education, qualitative research methodologies, and educational history and theory at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. Check out Cassandra’s website and blog too if you are interested in seeing what is going on in my personal life from the perspective of someone close to me.